Trade Fair

Newsletter March 2016
New Cooking Bag

We were given a wonderful opportunity for promotion these past few weeks. The Trade Fair that has been held in Ghana's capital Accra for the past 20 years needed a change of scenery and came to Tamale. Yes! 

What a wonderful few days we had there. I spent so much time talking the first few days, promoting the New Cooking Bag, that I lost my voice completely after a while. Some visitors only looked at me with pity and they seemed to think: you are taking us for a ride. And yet, there were a few people willing to give it a try. We made it a little easier for them with our special 'trade fair offer'. 

And then, suddenly, it was unstoppable. The people who did buy an NCB were curious enough to try it straight away, and that really got things going. After that, I only stood behind my table smiling, surrounded by a small crowd of 'users' trying to convince people who still had some doubts. They were telling them how the NCB worked, what they had prepared in it and that it was really true what I was saying.  

It also helped that I refused to give buyers a plastic bag to put their NCB in. Ghana is flooded in plastic and we really don't need any more. The result was that many buyers left with an NCB on their heads, true African style, which was excellent free promotion. 

We ran out of NCB's for the last couple of days. I was selling them faster than our hard working women could supply them. But I stayed! I kept a few NCB's to be able to demonstrate them, and handed out many business cards. I explained to people where they could find our workshop and told them they were very welcome to drop by should they want to buy one. 

And that's what they are doing!