This gives me energy ...

Newsletter januari 2014
New Cooking Bag

The Adwuma Ye foundation, of which Tuma Viela also is a part, is going to expand its activities and from January 1st 2014 on  they will start a new project that is going to be closely related to Tuma Viela. We are going to introduce “New Cooking” in Tamale. It is a modernized version of the old hay box. It will save fuel, be beneficial to the environment and give women the opportunity to focus on other matters.


Initially, it will be a project for the women who work in our workshop. As a result there will be vacancies in our workshop for other employees. Our aim is to make women realize that the new way of cooking will be extremely beneficial for them. However, we do realize that it is impossible to change a tradition overnight. Therefore, we will take the time to prepare ourselves well and start our project step by step. We have already found a sponsor who will finance the first 3 months of our project. This is very exciting and challenging, this gives me energy!