August 2016  


He did it! Alidu, a deaf young man who is temporarily working with us to gain some working experience and to save money to be able to fulfil his dream, has been admitted to do the teacher's training. With the help of an interpreter, he will take lessons for three years. After that, he will be qualified work as a teacher at a school for the deaf. We think it's great that with the help of our sponsors, a number of deaf youngsters can work at Tuma Viela and invest in their future. We will miss Alidu, a serious and hard-working young man. Nevertheless, we are happy to see him go now!

During the introduction at university, a nice photo was taken of Alidu to encourage him. Good luck!

August 2016  


I'm noticing around me that there's a whole new movement of people who are actually starting to worry about the environment in Ghana. Deforestation, climate change, renewable energy: these should be things everyone has heard of, by now. We too want to let everyone know our environment is of great importance to us. That's why the New Cooking Bag labels now carry a message:

GREEN choice from GHANA
GOOD for people and the environment
Made from natural materials and
July 2016  


We are in a WAT relationship: Working Apart Together. We are two different locations working together if need be. When Rukaya and Hamdia were very busy with their part of the production of New Cooking Bags and could do with a little help, it was a perfect job for Umar and Alidu of the other location. They are very energetic and are easily bored, so this was a real challenge to them. It was a great day!
May 2016  


We've inaugurated our new location today. The Tuma Viela workers were given such a warm welcome by their colleagues at New Cooking Bag and Reusable Care Creations that the mood was festive straight away. We got a cheerful tour of the building, there was music, we danced and everyone thought the new location was wonderful. The crates of soda drinks were the absolute icing on the cake. We toasted to everyone who helped make this possible and drank to a beautiful future.
April 2016  


It's the kapok season and in order to make sure we have enough in store for the workshop I've started my own little 'kapok business'. My shed is loaded with kapok. Kapok farmers from the surrounding area deliver the bags to my home and I load two of them on my motorbike every morning. Water is scarce at the end of the dry season. Everything is parched and the pipeline in my village has been waiting above ground while the ditches they dug for them have slowly been filling up again. So I tie two jerrycans to the kapok bags every day and take them to town with me, in the hope there will be running water there that day. I takes my full weight and a couple of attempts to take the heavily loaded bike of its high stand, but then I'm finally on my way. I travel a few kilometers on a dry and bumpy dirt path before I get to a reasonable road. 'Hey, goemdi lanna' - kapok trader - a few men cheerfully call after me, and I smile at them. Daybreak Africa.
March 2016  


.... "Our goal is to have introduced 10.000 New Cooking Bags in Tamale and its surrounding villages by the end of 2020. Distributed in such a way that they are actually and with regularity being put to use. We shall evaluate these goals throughout the process and adapt them if necessary..."

This is how we wrote it on our website. This is what we thought when we started the New Cooking Bag project in 2014. But today, the 17th of March 2016 we have already reached our target! Who would have thought about this?! Time for a little party!

March 2016  


Tamale organizes for the first time this year a Trade Fair and of course we are there to participate!
Tamale is our Homebase and a wonderful chance to promote our New Cooking Bag! It is so nice! Hamdia and I lost almost our voice because of talking from morning till evening but it is really satisfying to see people surprisingly listening how a NCB works. We see them unbelievable but enthusiastic shaking their heads and many of them are walking away with a New Cooking Bag on their head to try to give it a chance at home!

January 2016  


It is wonderful to see and feel that many people are always ready to help and support us!
Take Uniform Brands form Doetinchem, the Netherlands as an example… They filled a 20ft container with leftover textiles they don’t use again and offer them to us for free!
With this we can promote the New Cooking Bag for an affordable price to all the Ghanaians! The container will leave next month and crosses the sea to our harbour. We are looking forward to make with these quality materials many beautiful New Cooking Bags!