December 2014  


Hamdia, the manager of our workshop has been appointed Pioneer in Africa, for her fantastic achievements in promoting the New Cooking Bag in Ghana. She has been offered the opportunity to do a Crowdfunding via the 1%-club, sponsored by the Postcode Loterij (A Dutch national lottery). This year they have set up a special campaign, focussed on Africa, “The Cheetah Fund”.
Crowfund 30% in 30 days and the Cheetah Fund will grant you the rest!
We have made a budget of our wish list and it has been approved! It is all based on promoting our New Cooking Bag….


Cargo scooter (transport)

1770 €

Beamer (show PP-presentatie)

659 €

Projector screen (ditto)

140 €

Laptop speaker (ditto)

51 €

NCB logo shirts (recognition)

120 €

Banner’s (for our stand)

127 €

Laminator (for manual laminating)

76 €

Wages (for 2 people – 6 months)

820 €

Reserve (uet o inflatie)

237 €


4000 €

And… She made it! Within 2 weeks’ time she was able to raise herself  1200 euro’s and “The Cheetah Fund” will sponsor the rest up to 4000 euro! Congratulations Hamdia! You deserved it! And thank you so much to everyone who made this possible!!!

November 2014  


The last days of the previous week were amazing for New Cooking bag! 30 New Cooking Bags were sold to Wa in Upper-West, 10 to Accra, the capital city of Ghana and 10 to Navrongo In Upper-East and right now, early on a Monday morning like this, Madam Comfort is buying 20 NCB's to take along to Kumasi... What a wonderful start of this new week!

November 2014  


Sometimes we are very lucky! A friend from the Netherlands send us material. Her father is a tailor in a workshop where they are making uniforms for all kind off companies... KLM for example. The leftover material is useless for them and a kind of waste. We made 54 New Cooking Bags from it! So now we have also New Cooking Bags with strong, dark material, -meant for trousers or skirts- on the outside, lined with elegant white with little stripes material on the inside. We call this design "Top and Down".

October 2014  


To make sure the New Cooking Bag remains clean and is easy to store after usage, the Tuma Viela team has created the New Cooking Bag - Bag. For sale for 3 Gh.c. or free if you hand in 300 water sachets. Ayisha made the prototype and has completely immersed herself in this new item. Handmade in our own Tuma Viela workshop!               

October 2014  


In the meantime we are affiliated with GHACCO with the New Cooking Bag. This abbreviation stands for Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. A branch organization with members who all have something to do with new, clean and environmentally friendly energy in Ghana.
Getting together we can form a strong united front against deforestation.
Gifty from Takoradi (the second largest city in Ghana) sells all kinds of products designed with the environment in mind and she is willing to add our New Cooking Bag to her sales inventory. We also have a very inspired lady from Accra who is willing to sell them for us there and we are working on getting the same done in Kumasi…Such amazing progress!

September 2014  


It gives me such satisfaction to talk about our workshop to the people in the Netherlands… It feels like I can somehow give something back in return for all the attention, encouragement and support we keep on receiving from so many wonderful people.
In Zevenhuizen our cause got a lot of attention at our market stall. Everybody was so interested also at PROBUS in Arnhem!
At VREDEWOLD it turned into a two day celebration. What a pleasure standing in front of this group of people! The LIONSCLUB in Leek handed us a symbolic cheque which we are very grateful for! And on top of that al the personal, heartwarming words and gifts which give us a new-found energy to continue our work. New benefactors whom give us their trust and who want to support us financially.
Being back in the Netherlands was great and even greater was coming back and to see that the workshop runs fine and has put forth a tremendous amount of work during my absence!
May 2014  


We are in collaboration with the Ghanaian Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA! Also extremely enthusiastic about the New Cooking Bag and for the first month we will be getting together three times a week, visiting three villages a day in the Northern Region, to demonstrate the New Cooking Bag and explain its benefits, of which the environmental aspect is one of the most crucial.
The EPA has purchased 180 New Cooking Bags from us so we can leave 5 New Cooking Bags in each village! It is such an honour for us, as a Dutch organization, to be cooperating with this Ghanaian agency!


April 2014  


We are currently a well oiled promotional team. When I listen to these women and their fiery conversations about our product, I just know we are going to succeed! I felt this again today when we were allowed to tell our story on the radio once again. And even though I lose most of the interview in translation, I can tell by the expression on the interviewers face that he is loving it! Many phone calls during this radio show, confirm how happy the Ghanaians are with our initiative. They promise to pray for our success and wish to know where they can visit us so they can see the miracle which is the New Cooking Bag with their own eyes!

March 2014  


Our first demonstration was a huge success! Between 25 and 30 prominent figures from a variety of organizations and agencies in and around Tamale assembled, curious about the reason for this gathering. We explained the process of the New Cooking Bag using our own Powerpoint presentation and doing a live demo making ‘Jolof rice’, answered questions and of course had those present taste the end product. The whole event was a learning process and it can only get better from here on! The ladies and gentlemen who were there for the demonstration were enthralled and we sold no less than 12 New Cooking Bags! However, the best thing to come out of this, were the invitation for us to come and visit their specific organizations or agencies in order to educate more women of this new way of cooking.  
March 2014  


Two bags of kapok won't go far. Still, it's all we've got until the new load of kapok - still on the trees now - is ready to harvest. In the meantime, we've been keeping busy. We've cut out about 70 New Cooking Bags, we've made the strings, we've sewn the cushion covers and we've filled the bottom of each New Cooking Bag with the remaining kapok. They are now lying on a table in a big heap, waiting for the new harvest.

Februari 2014  


I just want to share a glorious moment with you.
We just cooked T-Z, the staple food around here, in the New Cooking Bag, and it worked great. I've really had to keep pushing to try this over the pas few weeks, because no one believed this dish could be prepared in any way but the traditional. People traditionally stir the corn flour on a high temperature for 30 to 40 minutes with a large wooden spoon. That way, there's always a risk of fire, it's hard work and it takes a lot of time because you have to pay attention constantly to make sure the food doesn't burn. We just put the whole lot in the New Cooking Bag after ten minutes, and in an hour the food was perfect!

It was great to see everyone gather around the pot when we showed the result. People cried 'Oh!' and 'Ah!' and there was great applause.

Januari 2014  


The first New Cooking Bag is finished and it works wonderfully with its kapok stuffing. We're very pleased with that, because all the information we worked with so far was based on a stuffing of polystyrene beads. It now looks like the kapok provides sufficient insulation, which means the bags will be more eco-friendly and the local population will benefit from us buying kapok locally.