Our workshop

New Cooking Bag's wonderful new workshop.


Wheelchair friendly, so it's easily accessible!


Signposts show the way to the workshop where the NCB's are produced.


Everyone has their own spacious working area.


Sahada works on the cushions every day.


Mariam sews the New Cooking Bags up after they have been filled with kapok.

We can see the container where the kapok is stored from the veranda.   The veranda is a great place to work, too. This is where we beat the kapok that goes into the NCB's.
Almost everyone now works with a treadle sewing machine. They are so much more practical than the ones with a handle.   Portia and Latif, two students of the Special School, help us out.

The NCB's are filled with kapok in a special room...


...with lots of fresh air!

  150 bags of kapok can be stored inside the container.
Sometimes we can buy many bags of kapok at once. Delivered by lorry!   Amata has really found her place in out workshop.
Lamanatu is her usual cheerful self.   The garage serves as a storage room.

The multicoloured ECONOMIC New Cooking Bags!