Our promotion team

Our Motor King ensures that we are able to go where we please and bring all the things we need for a demonstration.

Even though Hamdia loves sitting on our moped, she prefers others to take the weel!   Everybody wears the same t-shirt with our logo which is made from a beautiful material!
Sometimes we have to turn our backs on somebody, so that we can make sure they can read the information on the back.   More and more men are becoming interested in the New Cooking Bag.   Using a sheet as a beamer? This is not a problem!

An agricultural company in Nyankpala... Men who are amazed by the NCB method...


During a conference we cook some jolof rice and during the break people are listening attentively and questions are asked and answered.


A beamer, speakers and a laptop help us to bring across our message.


Sister Araba speaks to a group of women from the Presby Church.


We always draw attention with our story of the New Cooking Bag.